Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feats of Strength

Abby caught Olympic fever last month and attempted some ice skating.

She also tried a bit of gymnastics and successfully somersaulted all by herself.

Sam is a happier baby now that he can sit up with the help of his Bebe Pod. He has a much better view of his sister's hi-jinx now.

On rare occasions Abby plays with her dolls. Yesterday she took her doll through an entire day's worth of feedings, burping, diaper changes and putting "him" to sleep in the swing all within 10 minutes.

Sam showing off his team spirit and the enormity of his adorable head.

Abby is getting excited for Easter and showing it off by adorning herself and her brother in bunny ears.

Abby has finally allowed me to fix her hair with more than just one tiny clip. This is her (and our) favorite 'do - pigtails.