Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hilton Head Vacation

We took the week off and headed to Hilton Head, SC for a little fun in the sun. The weather was nice, mid-low 80s and only one hour of rain, despite the Coastal Flood Advisory and negative Weather Channel forecast. Tammy, Aaron, Caroline and Baby Cam were down as well. Abby loved playing in the sand with her buddy.

After the 11 hour drive down Abby had some pent up energy she had to release as we watched the Bucks. You can hear her yell "football game" as she runs around.

Being her first trip to the beach she was a little uneasy at first. She quickly got used to the sand and waves though.

Just a little shopping around Coligny Plaza.

More fun in the sun with the Pembers.

We did build some sandcastles during low tide and saw plenty of crabs and star fish in the tidal pools.

Abby also enjoyed ice cream or some kind of treat almost every night.

We took a few trips in the area as well. Here's the Hilton Head lighthouse.

The stable/petting zoo was a big hit. Abby got to take a ride on a pony and see a baby deer.

Missing Savannah we had to take a trip down to visit our old haunts and take a horse and carriage ride.

It was great to unwind and relax. Here Abby and Stef catch up on the balcony.

Abby and Chris watching Spongebob "Bobpants" Squarepants and kicking back with Tupperware.

Abby enjoying a milkshake on the couch.

The area around the public beach is newly redone with fountains, swings, Adirondack chairs and a nice boardwalk.

Abby loved the beach. She seemed happy splashing in the waves, playing in the sand, or just looking at the views.

Our last night we checked out Shelter Cove with its big "monster" statue and great dining. They also had live music which Abby loved. Luckily, even in September several places still had good entertainment.

Abby and Caroline hanging out and dancing (Chris dancing too).

Abby and Stef admiring the sunrise.